The Library Committee is to incorporate suggestions and recommendations received in periodical meetings. The Committee also holds meetings for semester wise review to address any grievances that may arise. The Committee reviews the progress of the library activities, the development of the collection, and aims to enhance library services for students and faculty to pursue their academic interests.

Role of the Committee Members:

  • Advises and reviews library policies for instruction, resources, services, and the facility.
  • Discuss and evaluate budgetary issues for books, journals, databases etc.
  • Ensures the library is connected with and supports the academic programs.
  • Represent the views of the library’s stakeholders on library and information services.
  • Promote the library to the internal and external community.
  • Report to the principal on significant matters.

Library Committee Members (2022-23)

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. K. Palani Principal
2 Ms. HimaBindu Librarian
3 Ms. Humera Syed Assistant Professor / CSE
4 Ms. Zareen Begum Assistant Professor / IT
5 Ms. Mahabub Shaik Mohamad Assistant Professor / ECE
6 Ms. Meraj Fatima Assistant Professor / EEE
7 Ms. Arshiya Sultana Assistant Professor / H&S
8 Ms. Swathi Assistant Professor / MBA
9 Ms. Pravalikha Student Member / CSE
10 Ms. Syeda Unnisha Student Member / IT
11 Ms. Arshiya Sultana Student Member / ECE
12 Ms. Pooja BolluKrishna Student Member / EEE
13 Ms. Arshiya Begum Student Member / MBA


Year Meeting – 1 Meeting – 2