Education is the key to unlock the golden door of success. Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan has indeed given all of us the key to success; he was great visionary and Muslim reformer of the 20th century the like of whom is rare. He wanted to make the community and country progressive and take them forward on a modern line. His Supreme interest was the intellectual development of the Minority community thought Modern Education. The interest of the Youth’s Development was dearer to him rather than any anything else.

He was successful in making the youth understand the importance of modern education and endeavour their best to achieve it in order to stand on their own feet and live a dignified life. He led a selfless life and devoted his entire life for the betterment of society and the minority community in particular. Because of his dedicated services towards the education of minorities he is rightly called a “Sir Syed of Deccan”.

Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan
Founder and Chief Promoter,
Shadan Educational Society