Education is fundamental requirement for achieving human potential, developing equitable and promoting national developments. SHADAN WOMEN’S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY established in the year 2002 by a great visionary leader, and philanthropist late Dr.Vizarath Rasool Khan, founder – chief promoter, Shadan Educational Society.

The core value of SWCET is to provide quality education, research and wholesome development of the students. The well experienced faculty members who are committed to achieve the goal of “Academic Excellence” and making SWCET as a place of “Excellence in teaching and Learning”. The world is undergoing rapid changes in the knowledge landscape with various dramatic scientific and technological advances, such as rise of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence many unskilled jobs. World wide education may be taken over by machines, while the need for a skilled workforce, particularly involving mathematically computer science and data science in conjunction with multi disciplinary abilities the general sciences, social sciences and humanities will be increasingly in greater demand.

The SWCET is providing a solid platform to all stakeholders of the institution to meet the global demand of industries 4.0.The education is moving towards less content and more towards learning about how to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative & multi disciplinary, how to be innovate, and adapt & absorb new materials in novel and changing fields.

The pedagogy followed in SWCET is more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry driven, discovery oriented, learner centered, discussion based flexible and of course enjoyable to as a principal, SWCET, which respects values as well and request to join together to build up a teaching and learning environment which is the best for “Global wellbeing”.