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Placement Cell
Ms. Sabah
Cell: 8374068248
Ms. G.Swathi
Cell: 9533064009
List of placed students in GENPACT : 2016 Placements List
S.No Name Branch Hall-Ticket Number Company
1 Rida C.S.E- B 12L51A0591 GENPACT
2 Sadia Almas C.S.E- B 12L51A0596 GENPACT
3 Shaikha Hajera C.S.E- B 12L51A05B7 GENPACT
4 Sana Fatima C.S.E- B 12L51A05A6 GENPACT
5 Sameera Naazneen C.S.E- B 12L51A05A4 GENPACT
6 Reshma C.S.E- B 12L51A0590 GENPACT
7 Azra Sultana C.S.E- A 12L51A0524 GENPACT
8 Mahreen Salma  C.S.E- A 12L51A0560 GENPACT
9 Amtul Haseeb C.S.E- A 12L51A0510 GENPACT
10 Mohammedi Faiza Iram E.C.E-A 12L51A0454 GENPACT
11 Boppuri Divya Geetika E.C.E-A 12L51A0419 GENPACT
12 R Sushmita E.C.E-B 12L51A0467 GENPACT
13 Syeda Tatheer Fatima E.C.E-B 12L51A0499 GENPACT
14 Adeeba Fatima IT 12L51A1201 GENPACT
15 Vanjari Shruthi IT 12L51A1270 GENPACT
16 Sara Qureshi  IT 12L51A1257 GENPACT
17 Kaniz E Zainab IT 12L51A1227 GENPACT
18 Shaima Abbas IT 12L51A1261 GENPACT
19 Sadia Ather IT 12L51A1246 GENPACT

Shadan Women's College of Engineering & Technology has an arrangement with M/s JobsChronicle.com (The Central online Placement Assistance Portal) for providing Placement Assistance to the students. JobsChronicle.com is the Placement Assistance Cell of SWCET. All students of the final year are given free Job Cards to register and utilize the services of JobsChronicle.com. Many of our students are working in MNCs.

About JobsChroncle.com :
JobsChronicle.com is a one stop Job Portal catering to the needs of Jobseekers, Human Resource consultants, Placement agencies and other Employers. It is "the portal" for Jobseekers in any field, in any capacity. Launched by the then Minister for Labour and Employment, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India on 6th Feb 2001, is poised to become a leading source of employment.
JobsChronicle.com is so designed in order that maximum number of vacancies are available for the candidates. Registration for all Companies, Placement Agencies and other employers is absolutely free of cost so as to attract maximum vacancies. More registered candidates will be benefited. Many other jobs sites collects huge amount of fee from companies because of which only big and few companies will be posting jobs thereby reducing job chances considerably to negligible.
Services Offered:
1 Building the resume in a format easily acceptable/preferred by companies.
2 Storing the resume.
3. Jobseeker can send his resumes to unlimited companies in a non-attached format.
4. Jobseeker can update or edit their resume unlimited times.
5. Activating the Resume so that it is displayed instantly with full Contact Us address to the employers whenever they post a job matching to the criteria.
6. Providing free access to the resumes to all local & worldwide companies and other employers. We provide the full postal address, phone no. etc., of the Jobseekers directly to the employers. No middlemen or agency is involved.
7. Auto search Jobs facility.
8. Online Career Guidance.
9. Information about Companies.
To get your Job Card free of cost  : Contact Principal / Placement Coordinator.
To build and activate your resume click http://www.jobschronicle.com
Help lines: : Phones: 040 66616544
E-mail : info@jobschronicle.com, po@swcet.in
Note : : JobsChronicle.com is not a placement agency. It offers the most economical recruiting solutions
Below are few images from a PLACEMENT Activity at our COLLEGE
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